Alkaline water vs regular water: What’s the difference?

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Alkaline water vs regular water: What’s the difference?

The current world, where ‘Immunity’ is prioritized over everything else in our day-to-day life. We as regular people are doing everything possible to make our immune system very strong. This is to fight off any infection or flu that tries to invade our bodies. We are consuming all different types of healthy diet consisting of essential superfoods and supplements while also taking up regular exercises and workouts. But we are overlooking one of the most important thing. The thing which makes up about 60% of our human body and that is ‘water’.

Regular people like us lack this knowledge that the regular water we consume daily is not the best fit for us. We drink RO or other purified water without knowing that it lacks many important nutrients for us. For a better immune system we must drink alkaline water on a regular basis. Let’s quickly discuss a few points on how alkaline water is different and better than regular water.

pH Level and Stability 

  • The regular water we drink daily has a pH level of around 7 or at times lower making it acidic.
  • Alkaline water has a higher pH ranging from 7.5 to 9.5, making it more alkaline or basic in nature. We already know how alkaline water has more benefits to our immune system than acidic or neutral water.
  • We must remember one very important thing. Which is that the pH of alkaline water changes over time, when kept in open or exposed to air. This is not the case with regular water which has a stable pH level. 
  • So we must ensure to consume or use alkaline water immediately after getting it from the water ionizer. This gives us the best benefits.

Mineral Content/ Electrolyte Content

  • Alkaline water undergoes a process called Ionization/ Electrolysis. This process adds minerals like calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonate ions to the water. 
  • Regular water naturally contains various minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium, whose levels vary from region to region and on each water source.
  • The alkaline water from the water ionizers each time gives the same levels of dissolved nutrients making it easier for us to adapt and absorb, while also ensuring that the levels of those dissolved nutrients is higher (yet safe to consume) than the regular tap water. 

Detoxification in Alkaline water vs regular water

  • One of the key advantages of drinking alkaline water on a regular basis is detoxification.
  • Drinking alkaline water, the pH of our urine rises, making our kidneys function better and detoxifying our body.
  • Drinking regular water in itself has no significant better effect on us compared to alkaline water, and it is even worse if the regular tap water is hard in nature. 
  • It is so because in contrast to regular water, hard water has some very ill effects on our body such as skin irritation, increased hair loss, kidney dysfunction etc.

Taste of Alkaline water vs regular water

  • Alkaline water’s taste differs from the regular tap water and has been described to be smoother and feel less acidic than regular water.
  • Water ionizer gives a uniform taste anywhere it is used, while the regular water tastes differently depending from region to region due to the difference in levels of various minerals at each place.
  • Therefore water ionizer helps while travelling too giving us the same uniform tasting alkaline water we are comfortable with.

Absorption Rate

  • We that alkaline water molecule clusters exist as small micro clusters than regular water molecule clusters. 
  • These alkaline water micro clusters easily penetrate the cells of our body compared to regular water clusters, thus giving an enhanced absorption rate resulting in better hydration.
  • Better hydration plays a crucial role in improving our immune system by regulating our body temperature, delivering apt nutrients to cells and keeping all our organs functioning properly.

In conclusion, we can come to common standpoint that alkaline water has more potential benefits and great impact on us. While there is a need for more research on alkaline water to properly comprehend its long term effects, inculcating alkaline water in our day to day routine will play a big role in upkeeping our immune system.

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