Breaking Down Some Myths & Misconceptions about Alkaline Water

myths and facts about alkaline water

There are so many online myths and misconceptions about alkaline water makes it difficult to find the truth. Self-described “experts” who want to sell us other products frequently also make such bogus claims to mislead common people and earn a profit.  Others who are opposed to any alternative healthcare strategy that is not a prescription […]

The Role of Alkaline Water in Fitness and Sports Performance

Role of alkaline water in Fitness

The constant utilization of muscle glycogen during exercise produces lactic acid, pyruvic acid, and carbon dioxide, which lowers the pH of the muscles. Our muscles produce more acid more quickly as we work out harder. This causes fatigue and poor performance to affect our performance negatively, faster. Athletes perform better overall and have more endurance […]

How an Alkaline Water Ionizer Works

how an alkaline water ionizer works

In the current times, people like us are showing more and more interest in health and wellness. This lead to the invention and production of various products to improve our well-being. Out of many such inventions is the Alkaline water ionizer. This device converts regular tap water into alkaline water via a process called electrolysis. […]

Alkaline Water for Cooking and Recipes: Enhancing Flavors and Health Benefits

alkaline water and cooking

Alkaline water has proved itself to be wonderful for drinking and cleaning. But recently it has come to light that water at a pH level of 8-9 benefits the cooking process too in various ways. Water is a fundamental component of any recipe, and changing the type of water will significantly impact the dish. In […]

How Alkaline water can help with weight loss and management

alkaline water can help with weight loss

In the present world, there is an extreme search for an effective way to lose weight and manage it as well. Amidst all this, alkaline water has begun to really make its name by showing and proving that alkaline water can help with weight loss and management. In this article, we will explore and understand […]

Alkaline water vs regular water: What’s the difference?

natural alkaline water

Alkaline water vs regular water: What’s the difference? The current world, where ‘Immunity’ is prioritized over everything else in our day-to-day life. We as regular people are doing everything possible to make our immune system very strong. This is to fight off any infection or flu that tries to invade our bodies. We are consuming […]

7 Benefits Of Alkaline Water Ionizer

Alkaline water Ionizers are devices that take regular tap water and purify and ionize the water turning it alkaline in nature. Now Alkaline ionized water has been found to have wondrous benefits for us. The benefits of an alkaline water ionizer range from raising the pH of our body to improving bone health and our […]

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