Breaking Down Some Myths & Misconceptions about Alkaline Water

myths and facts about alkaline water

There are so many online myths and misconceptions about alkaline water makes it difficult to find the truth. Self-described “experts” who want to sell us other products frequently also make such bogus claims to mislead common people and earn a profit.  Others who are opposed to any alternative healthcare strategy that is not a prescription pill or surgery also try to discredit alkaline water. Equally as many lies are spread about alkaline water by untrained salespeople attempting to sell water ionisers.

This article examines the most frequent exaggerations made by ignorant salespeople as well as biased critics. Alkaline water has become more well-known, yet a few myths and misunderstandings have also surfaced. In order to clear up any confusion and dispel fallacies about alkaline water, we seek to address some frequent misconceptions in this article.

Myths & Misconceptions about Alkaline Water and the Truth about Them

myths and misconceptions about alkaline water

Alkaline water can cure Diseases like Medicines


It is definitely true that alkaline water has many health benefits for us people. But we also need to be aware that it is not a cure for diseases.

We must understand that alkaline water does not have the potential to aim and treat a specific disease or a medical condition. It should never be misunderstood as a replacement for medicines or proper medical treatments.

Alkaline Water causes more Hydration in us than Regular water

Alkaline water causes more hydration


The most important thing concerning hydration is the fact that how much water we consume rather than the type of water consumed. The pH level of water does not play any role in affecting the hydration potential of any type of water.

When the body absorbs water through our intestines, it does so without being affected by the pH of the water. 

Alkaline Water Detoxifies our Body


There have been many studies but still no scientific evidence exists which proves that alkaline water detoxifies our body. Our body has a well-developed detoxification system consisting of the liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system.

Alkaline water does indirectly help or support in detoxification by promoting hydration. But it does not have any detoxifying properties.

Alkaline Water can Prevent or Cure Cancer

Alkaline water prevents cancer


Scientifically it has not yet been proven that alkaline water can prevent or cure cancer. The main cause of cancer relates to genetics, mutations, and radioactive exposures. In this context, alkaline water has no ability to alter or help in reverting back a condition caused by an anomaly in these. 

It is true that having a healthy lifestyle backed by a good and balanced diet and exercise is extremely important for preventing cancer, but drinking alkaline water does not prevent cancer. 

Alkaline Water is Suitable for Each of us


Alkaline water is generally safe for everyone’s drinking and consumption purposes but it may not be a good match for each and everyone. Certain people with medical situations like kidney diseases or hypercalcemia should be more cautious. 

People with such medical conditions should also consult with their doctor before regularly consuming alkaline water.

You can give your Body Oxygen by Drinking Alkaline water.


Instead of oxygen, alkaline water is high in hydrogen. Because oxygen can only be taken by your lungs and not your intestines, drinking water won’t provide your body with the oxygen it needs.

Alkaline Water causes Weight Loss


Weight loss is primarily caused by the burning of excess calories consumed by us. A well-balanced diet, regular exercise, and an appropriate calorie deficit achieve this.

In this, drinking alkaline water can not significantly affect or cause weight loss by itself. It can support the process indirectly by many means but there is no scientific proof that alkaline water causes weight loss.

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