The Role of Alkaline Water in Fitness and Sports Performance

Role of alkaline water in Fitness

The constant utilization of muscle glycogen during exercise produces lactic acid, pyruvic acid, and carbon dioxide, which lowers the pH of the muscles. Our muscles produce more acid more quickly as we work out harder. This causes fatigue and poor performance to affect our performance negatively, faster. Athletes perform better overall and have more endurance when they consume alkaline water and eat an alkaline diet. So let’s quickly take a look at what is the role of alkaline water in fitness and sports performance of athletes.

Alkaline water has many health benefits. Some include improved hydration, better and improved athletic performance and recovery.

For highly active people and especially athletes, hydration is the most important thing. Dehydration can be extremely harmful to their performance. This can be easily solved with the use of alkaline water. 

The answers to how alkaline water plays a role in fitness are discussed here with proper explanation.

Alkaline water provides better hydration

Role of alkaline water in fitness- improves hydration

The small cluster size of the alkaline water compared to regular water allows it to be easily absorbed into the cells of our body. 

This enables the alkaline water to hydrate our body better than the regular tap water.  

For athletes, alkaline water provides quick and better hydration. This means that such hydration in intense workouts and games enhances their performance. 

Alkaline water improves stamina levels

Alkaline water increases stamina

Alkaline water contains vitamins and minerals in it. These vitamins and minerals drive out all the toxins from our body in a quicker and efficient manner. 

Many studies have shown that the blood viscosity is also lowered by the alkaline water. 

The lower viscosity allows the blood to flow easily through our veins.  This enables our hearts to easily pump the blood throughout the body and release the harmful toxins from our bodies. 

These things increase our stamina levels and also of the athletes. An increased stamina allows athletes to train and perform in a better way and for longer periods. 

Alkaline water prevents many bodily issues

Prevents bodily issues

When athletes train for long periods of time many acid build ups take place in the body. These acids cause many issues and prevent the athletes from performing their best. 

The buildup of uric acid  causes joint pain for athletes. This uric acid can easily be prevented from affecting the performance by drinking alkaline water. Alkaline water also helps in cushioning the joints by better hydration. This prevents any future injuries that could have taken place. 

Training for long periods results in too much lactic acid buildup. Lactic acid is produced when the muscles break down glucose in the absence of oxygen. Alkaline water ensures there is optimum oxygen supply to the muscles. It also neutralizes the lactic acid because of its alkalinity. 

This is one of the roles of alkaline water in fitness and sports performance of the athletes.

Due to its potential benefits for hydration, antioxidant characteristics, and acid-buffering abilities, alkaline water has grown in favor in the fitness and sports industries. Alkaline water has many benefits like better hydration, greater recovery, and lessened muscular fatigue in a comprehensive fitness regimen. 

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