How an Alkaline Water Ionizer Works

how an alkaline water ionizer works

In the current times, people like us are showing more and more interest in health and wellness. This lead to the invention and production of various products to improve our well-being. Out of many such inventions is the Alkaline water ionizer. This device converts regular tap water into alkaline water via a process called electrolysis. In this article let us quickly find out how an alkaline water ionizer works. We’ll also shed a little light on how this alkaline water ionizers benefit us people who seek a better and healthier hydration option.

Stage 1 of How an alkaline water ionizer works – Filtering Impurities

filtering impurities

The first thing that the ionizer does is filtration of the water fed into it. Water Ionizer has a specialized filter installed in it. 

These filters are designed to get rid of impurities commonly found in tap water. These common impurities are chlorine, sediment, and such other contaminants. 

Filtering the water at the very first step purifies it and makes it clean enough for the next steps.

Stage 2 – Electrolysis Chamber

The purified water after filtering enters the next chamber, Electrolysis Chamber. This chamber is a very special chamber as the name suggests – the heart of the alkaline water ionizer. 

The electrolysis chamber contains two electrodes-   an anode( positive electrode)

                                                                                –   a cathode( negative electrode)

The electrodes are generally made of materials like platinum or titanium.

Stage 3 of How an alkaline water ionizer works- Electrolysis Process

How an alkaline water ionizer works- Electrolysis

In the electrolysis chamber, as the water passes over the electrodes, it goes under a process called electrolysis process. This process separates the ions present in the water. 

The cathode attracts the positively charged ions , whereas anode attracts the negatively charged ions.  

This separation of ions into two leads to the formation of two separate water streams.

Stage 4 – Water Outlet

  1. Alkaline water outlet

The stream of water that flows over the cathode becomes alkaline. It happens, as the water acquires an increased concentration of minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium. 

This alkaline water is passes through a separate outlet for consumption. 

We find that this alkaline water to be feather smooth and slightly sweet compared to the regular tap water.

  1. Acidic water outlet

The stream of water that flows over the anode becomes acidic. It happens, as the concentration of the positively charged ions grows tremendously in it. 

This acidic water is passes through a different outlet. We should not consume this acidic water. Instead we can use this acidic water for various other purposes such as house cleaning and skin care.

Stage 5 of How an alkaline water ionizer works- pH Adjustment

Alkaline water ionizers have an option to adjust the pH level of the alkaline water produced. 

We can control the water’s alkalinity by directly controlling the voltage or power settings of the ionizer. This feature allows us to customize the pH level of water according to our own preferences and specific health needs.

Alkaline water ionizers are constantly gaining popularity among health conscious individuals. It is all because of all the health benefits it is able to provide us with. We now have gained a better understanding of all the processes taking place in a water ionizer. These devices give us an opportunity to access alkaline water more conveniently compared to all the methods.

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