Is It Safe To Drink Alkaline Water Everyday?

is it safe to drink alkaline water

Alkaline water has grown in popularity as a claimed panacea for health and wellness in recent years. We know it can maintain a healthy pH balance, enhance hydration, and even prevent disease. But is it safe to drink alkaline water everyday? To assist you in making an informed choice, we will examine the topic in-depth and distinguish reality from myth in this article.

Water with a pH level higher than typical tap water is referred to as alkaline water. The pH scale, with a neutral value of 7, measures acidity and alkalinity. pH levels above 7 are normal for alkaline water.

The Safety Aspects to keep in mind

Drinking alkaline water in moderation is generally considered safe for most of us. However, there are a few factors that we should consider-

  • Individual health conditions- 

People who face certain health conditions such as kidney stones, hypertension, etc. should exercise caution when drinking alkaline water. We must first consult a healthcare professional if we have any specific concerns about our health.

  • Medicinal precautions-

We must exercise caution if we are on some strong medications. It is because some medicines might interact with alkaline water, and alter their effectiveness. If you are taking prescribed medicines, then you should first consult with your doctor. 

The purported benefits of drinking alkaline water everyday

  • Hydration-

We already have studied in detail how alkaline water hydrates our body more effectively. It is due to its small cluster size and increased absorption.

  • Prevents acid reflux-
acid reflux

Consumption of alkaline water provides relief from acid reflux symptoms. We know that the higher pH of alkaline water helps neutralize the stomach acid.

  • Antioxidant properties- 
antioxidant properties water

Alkaline water has antioxidant properties and can fight off free radicals in the body.  It contains minerals like magnesium and calcium. These minerals are what gives alkaline water its antioxidant properties.

For the majority of us, in moderation it is safe to drink alkaline water everyday. To maintain optimal hydration and general wellbeing, it’s crucial to have a balanced and diverse diet that includes an adequate intake of ordinary water.

It is always advised to speak with a healthcare provider if you have particular health issues or conditions before making large dietary or water intake adjustments. Ultimately, it’s important to make decisions about your health that are well-informed, and knowing the facts and alkaline water’s limitations helps guide you through the options you have.

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